This web-application constructs reference centile curves of refraction error. It can be used for population-based analysis of myopia severity, and for identifying subjects at risk of high-myopia. For details please consult (paper submitted).



  • Prepare an excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet containing refraction error measurements and age under two columns named ‘age’ and ‘refraction’. An optional ‘sex’ column can be provided for sex-specific curve fitting. Columns with other names will be ignored. Note that the column names are case-sensitive. Click here for a sample data.

  • Press the Browse button to locate the spreadsheet, and press Upload to run the program.

  • If a ‘sex’ column is provided, use the Select Category button to see sex-specific curves.


Please click on the button below to start.


  • Currently Excel file (.xlsx) is supported.
  • Currently missing data are allowed in “ser" and “sex", but not age. An error message will occur if the age column contains missing values.



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If you have used this website for research publication, please kindly cite: (paper submitted)